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Marcus Hiles of San Antonio – Important Factors to Consider as a Real Estate Developer

Marcus Hiles is a real estate developer and investor in the city of San Antonio, Texas. He is committed to providing his homeowners and renters with the state of the art amenities that they need in their community. When working in real estate, there are a number of factors that developers need to consider; here are just a few to think about.

Marcus Hiles San Antonio

First, a real estate developer needs to think about location. Pick a location that you know families and prospective homeowners will find appealing. This means doing some research before you make a major financial decision regarding property. Find locations that have the best schools in the area, the most amenities such as parks and open spaces, and make sure the area is on the rise in terms of population growth.

Second, make sure you have a firm development plan for your properties before you begin working. You need to have a plan in place that you know people will enjoy for the long-term future. You aren’t just developing a piece of real estate; you’re creating a community for homeowners and renters to enjoy for years. Develop your plan with a community feel that promotes togetherness amongst the residents.

Third, look for an unmet demand in the market before you start developing. The real estate professionals who are able to generate the most success in the industry are the ones who are able to identify an unmet demand, and satisfy that unmet need through their most recent development projects.

Marcus Hiles San Antonio is known for his ability to provide luxury townhomes and apartments in the San Antonio area of Texas.


Marcus Hiles of San Antonio – The True Nature of the Relationship Between Entrepreneurs and Their Employees

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio runs a business that employs many people.

Many articles and publications today talk about creating happy workplaces, increasing diversity and entertaining the employees. Very few people, journalists, and entrepreneurs are willing to acknowledge that the relationship between employers and employees is adversarial by nature.

Marcus Hiles San Antonio

It is adversarial because the agenda of a business or entrepreneur is usually in conflict with the agenda of employees.

There is nothing wrong with this. Employees are not bad people because they have a few hundred things on their minds that rank higher in priority and interest than the agenda of a business owner. It would be foolish to fault them for having their own agendas. However, expecting them to not have an agenda of their own is not very bright.

The truth is that employees do not own businesses. Entrepreneurs and business owners do. Expecting employees to act like owners usually doesn’t work because this idea is irrational.

If a person wanted to have their own business, they would be an entrepreneur and not a salaried employee. In addition to this, being an owner requires a completely different skillset that entrepreneurs spend years developing.

If you are an entrepreneur, your company is your life and your life is your company. The line between work, family, and hobbies is very thin.

This is not the reality of your employees. They have lives of their own and think about all sorts of things that entrepreneurs such as Marcus Hiles San Antonio don’t care about.

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio – What Entrepreneurial Success is Fundamentally About

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio has built one of the most successful real estate companies in Texas.
Success in business, just like in many other areas of life, is largely a matter of personal choice. A garage that is cleaned up during a weekend, a fixed car, and a bunch of notes that are turned into a book are all results of personal decisions.

Marcus Hiles San AntonioA lot of people live their lives choosing only from a narrow pool of decisions that come from other people or from situational circumstances.
For example, if you come from a really small town, your options, if you are to stay in that town, are usually limited to working at a factory or being a farmer. However, nobody is preventing you from leaving the town and finding better options elsewhere.
Many people go through life as if they are surrounded by tall wire fences, while in reality, they are free to do whatever they want in the majority of scenarios.
A lot of business owners behave in the same manner. They create businesses by doing things in certain ways and then behave as if something doesn’t allow them to change what they have started, even though the whole venture may operate the way it does only because of their personal choices in the first place.
Many of the world’s biggest companies have only been in business for a few decades. This means that today speed and determination to succeed are much more important than history, years in business or the size of the enterprise. This is why anybody with a vision, passion and determination can create a successful company from scratch just like Marcus Hiles San Antonio did.