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Marcus Hiles of San Antonio – The True Nature of the Relationship Between Entrepreneurs and Their Employees

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio runs a business that employs many people.

Many articles and publications today talk about creating happy workplaces, increasing diversity and entertaining the employees. Very few people, journalists, and entrepreneurs are willing to acknowledge that the relationship between employers and employees is adversarial by nature.

Marcus Hiles San Antonio

It is adversarial because the agenda of a business or entrepreneur is usually in conflict with the agenda of employees.

There is nothing wrong with this. Employees are not bad people because they have a few hundred things on their minds that rank higher in priority and interest than the agenda of a business owner. It would be foolish to fault them for having their own agendas. However, expecting them to not have an agenda of their own is not very bright.

The truth is that employees do not own businesses. Entrepreneurs and business owners do. Expecting employees to act like owners usually doesn’t work because this idea is irrational.

If a person wanted to have their own business, they would be an entrepreneur and not a salaried employee. In addition to this, being an owner requires a completely different skillset that entrepreneurs spend years developing.

If you are an entrepreneur, your company is your life and your life is your company. The line between work, family, and hobbies is very thin.

This is not the reality of your employees. They have lives of their own and think about all sorts of things that entrepreneurs such as Marcus Hiles San Antonio don’t care about.


Marcus Hiles of San Antonio – Entrepreneurial Journey and Fairness

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio created one of his companies back in 1990 and has been in business ever since.

When having to deal with problems, issues, handicaps, and limitations, many people start complaining that life is not fair. A lot of people do so when looking at famous mega-successful entrepreneurs, too.

Marcus Hiles San Antonio

The fact of the matter is that they are right. Life, and many situations in life, is not fair. We do not get to choose our parents. Some people are born into wealthy, affluent families and some are born into unemployed, single parent families. Your education and upbringing also largely depended on your parents, their skills, and beliefs. Different people have different talents, which isn’t fair, either. Some people get into accidents. Army Reserves members get sent to wars, and so on.

However, no matter what unfair situation you look at, you will be able to find people that pull themselves out and find ways to succeed.

Oprah Winfrey is a great example. As a child, she went through abuse and multiple difficulties, yet she turned herself into one of the most famous and successful people in the United States.

This is why most entrepreneurs choose to believe that they can create success out of whatever cards they are dealt in life. Complaining, finding excuses, and talking about the unfairness of it all does not help to improve the conditions of one’s life.

Compared to employees, entrepreneurs such as Marcus Hiles San Antonio have much greater opportunities for control in all aspects of their lives. They can hire and interact with people whose company they enjoy and benefit from, they can live where they choose to live and do business on the road or from an office.